sagemaker studio launcher

SageMaker Studio Quick Start

Posted 2021-02-08 • Last updated 2021-10-21

A step-by-step quick start guide for SageMaker Studio. Start a Studio session, launch a notebook on a GPU instance and run object detection inference with a detectron2 pre-trained model.

text message sns

Sending a Text Message with AWS SNS

Posted 2017-03-02 • Last updated 2021-10-21

SNS is AWS’s pub-sub service. It’s useful for sending and receiving alerts for events you care about. It can also be used to send SMS messages.

AWS CLI Quick Start

Posted 2017-02-14 • Last updated 2021-03-24

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) command line tool is a full-featured alternative to using the AWS console to perform actions in your account. Getting started is dead simple.



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