AWS CLI Quick Start

Ben Cook • Posted 2017-02-14 • Last updated 2021-03-24

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) command line tool is a full-featured alternative to using the AWS console to perform actions in your account. Getting started is dead simple.

I assume you have an AWS account and access to your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

Install the tool:

pip install awscli

Add your credentials:

aws configure

Enter the AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key when prompted. You’ll also need to set Default region name. I use us-east-1 for the region which is in Northern Virginia. This is a good region because all of the services are available there. It may be better to pick a different region if you live more than about 2,000 miles from Virginia.

You can confirm the AWS CLI tool is working by running any command. If your user has the correct permissions, you will get a successful response back. For example, if you have permission to list buckets, then aws s3 ls will return a list of all the buckets in your account. And this will confirm that awscli is working.